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Test and Tag in Albury Wodonga - Business obligations for your state

Below is an extract from https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/electrical-safety 

Regular inspecting and testing of electrical equipment can save lives. It helps identify damage, wear and electrical faults. 

You can detect many electrical defects such as damaged cords just by examining them, but regular inspection and testing will make sure you detect electrical faults and deterioration you can’t see. 

Inspections and testing must be carried out by a competent person, which depending on your jurisdiction might be a licensed or registered electrician or a licensed electrical inspector.

If you are a business, inspecting and testing can help you meet your WHS duty to ensure electrical equipment is safe.

 NSW Requirements for Portable Appliance test and tag as set by Safe Work 


Victoria http://workplaceohs.com.au/hazards/plant-safety/q-a/what-are-the-rules-on-testing-and-tagging-electrical-appliances#.W0fuYNgzZhE

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How Often do I need to be tested

With the dynamic nature of business it is possible that your business will fall into multiple testing catagories, we can help work out the best schedule for your safety and your bottom line 

Below is the intervals as set out by Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760-2010

What about our home?

Whilst there is no legal requirement for portable electrical equipment and leads to be tested within the home, the leads and devices in our homes can be as susceptible to damage as in a office environment. As our electrical devices multiply so does the risk of having an unsafe product in our home. Thats why at Border Asset Management we recommend devices in the home be tested at least every 2 years to ensure they are safe for our loved ones to use.

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